Field of Business & services provided by Electro- Mechanical company

1. Supply & Erection complete Power Plant (Thermal, Gas, gasoil)in cooperation with Russian Companies (TECHNOPROM EXPORT) & (ORGRES FIRMA LLC).
2. Maintenance all kinds of Power Plant & Oil Refineries , Electrical Motors, Turbines, Boilers, Pumps, Gen sets In Cooperation with (IED Holding INTEGRATED ENERGODEVELOPMENT – TATARISTAN)
3. Provide & Installation of Solar systems & Training Programs for residential communities, individual houses and public utilities in cooperation with Finland Company
4. Supply and Installation Energy Production Plants From Waste within scope of Bio-Mass in cooperation with (bio Energy for energy solutions) – USA
5. Provide & Erect Zero-Emission Power plant. In cooperation with ( JENROLA Power LLC – USA & ZEG POWER) It is Green Power Solution for generating electricity to the existing distribution lines directly by setting up Micro-grids that will provide electricity into every house, office, and industries without the need for transmission grid. The capability far exceeds the need of any country. The end result of our work is better stability, higher efficiency, very low energy and maintenance cost, and better overall performance. This advancement is a true revolution in the history of generators.
6. Supply and installation of Power Transmission Towers. ( The Towers are produced in our sister company ALHAYALY for Production Steel Pipes & Profiles)
7. Supply &Installation of Over Head Power Transmission Lines and Substations.
8. Supply & Installation Electrical Transformers, Feeder Pillars, Underground cables, Substations for Power distribution, Main Cubical Switch boards, Distribution Boards and all Electrical Equipment and Implementation of Electrical contracts whether for Industrial Amusement parks ….etc.