About us
AL SAID ECONOMIC GROUP established on 1954 by its founder the late Mr. Mohammad Said Hassan ALHAYALY.
AL SAID ECONOMICAL GROUP comprises a number of affiliated companies specialized in different business fields such as International Trading, Contracting (Construction & Electro-Mechanical for Buildings, Commercial Complexes, Recreation Projects, Schools, Hospitals and Infrastructure Projects, Oil & Gas Industry Services, Renovation of Industrial Plants, Power Plants & Substations, Power Transmission), Agriculture, Tourism, Education ( Schools, Universities & Training Academy), Industry and Telecommunication.
Since then AL SAID ECONOMIC GROUP have been concluded many successful transactions with different State Companies, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Trade , Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health…. In Iraq.

 Our Economic Group (Al-Said Economic Group) has contributed to the construction of the Iraqi economy by supplying basic commodities to citizens, such as wheat, rice, sugar and milk, as well as providing raw materials, spare parts and machinery to the strategic factories through its commercial companies for decades (Al-Said International Group for General Trading Company Ltd).


Our Group has given the education sector the utmost importance, considering it the main pillar in the progress of the country. We established Al-Said Education Company which currently owns and manages the following educational institutions:

  • Bayan University - in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq- was founded in the year 2009.
  • British Royal Academy - for training and development in the Kurdistan Region, was established in the year 2009.
  • The British Royal University of Science and Technology - under construction in Baghdad.
  • Elite International Schools - in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - established in 1997.
  • Al-Ittihad Private University - in the Syrian Arab Republic with branches in Al-Riqqa, Manbaj and Damascus - established in 2003.

Construction and Contracting:

Al-Said Economic Group contributed to the reconstruction of the Iraqi economy through Al-Said Group for Electromechanical Contracting for Construction Contracting. It was established in 2004 and participated in the construction of the Yousifiyah Power Plant with the Russian Technopromexport Company, and in the rehabilitation of electricity and water plants. (It is a company involved in electrical and mechanical works for power plants and oil companies.)

Al-Watan Al-Arabi Construction Contracting Company, which was established in 1987 within our economic Group, contributed to the construction of the Yousifiyah Civil Works Power Plant. It has the maximum capacity of equipment and technical personnel to carry out building and construction projects such as building of schools, clinics and various construction contracting projects.


Through Dar Al-Said Agricultural Company, which was established in 2004, Al-Said Economic Group contributed to securing the food basket by establishing fish farms in Al-Taji, on the Tigris River, with a large production capacity. It is considered to be one of the largest farms in Iraq with an area of about (1000) one thousand dunums supplied with fish breeding laboratories with a fodder mill for fish and poultry. Al-Said Economic Group has established land cultivation projects with strategic agricultural crops.


Due to the importance of industrial production in the operation of labor, our Group has contributed since more than fifty years ago to industry in various fields. Al-Said for Developed Industries, which was founded in 1976, owns and operates a factory that manufactures industrial marble and fiber class. Iraq Reconstruction Company, which was established in the year 2008, manufactures bricks, concrete and block. We have established the foundations of engineering industries; our companies in this aspect include: Al-Baz Iron Manufacturing Company,which owns the largest nail production plant in Iraq, Al-Hayali and Huqooq Iron Pipes Manufacturing Company, Electric Power Transmission Towers, Sada Al-Khaleej Industrial Economic Company for Boiler Manufacturing, and Al-Mumtaz Tobacco Company in Jordan. In the field of food industries, our Group established Bilady Factory for Ice Cream and Canon for Soft Water. We have also established Al-Taif Printing Press for printing textbooks.


Due to the importance of tourism in Jordan, the United National Group for Tourism and Investment was established. It is one of the economic companies of our Group which constructed a hotel in Al-Shmeisani area in Amman, at an excellent location where the hotel has cinemas, cafeteria, gymnasium and many facilities.


Al-Said Economic Group is well aware of the importance of communications, being the basis of social communication after the revolution of international communications. The Gate of Technology for Telecommunications was established and obtained a license from the Jordanian Telecommunications Authority to provide telecommunication services to the public.

Our economic expertise and the expertise of the strategic consulting centers of the Al-Said Economic Group's universities in the different disciplines of education, contracting, industry, agriculture, tourism and communications enable us to establish, build and develop the Iraqi economy by laying the foundations of adaptation in the Iraqi economy in line with the global economic system.

Our economic activities expanded and our Group started to contribute to the economic investment by projects affiliated to the Iraqi economy in Syria. The participated in the construction of Al-Ittihad Private University in Al-Riqqa, and the branch of the university in Manbaj, the new headquarters in Damascus, as well as the iron factories in Yabroud.


Al-Said Economic Group has been keeping abreast with and participating in investment in Jordan since 1984 with economic projects that generate economic benefit to the two countries, Iraq and Jordan, through intra-trade and building an integrated tourism complex in Al-Shmeisani area, as well as establishing Sada Al-Khaleej Industrial Economic Company, Elite International School, and Techno Gate Telecom.

Based on our expertise and the expertise of our universities' consultative center in various disciplines, together with the experiences of our university cadres distinguished in the field of education, contracting, industry, agriculture, tourism and communications, we have the required capabilities which enable us to assume the building of the Iraqi economy.