AL Watan AL Arabi Co. For Construction Contracts - (Iraq)

ALWATAN ALARABI Co for Construction Contracts Ltd.

was established in Iraq Baghdad decades ago (Since 1954) By its founder The Late Mohammad Said ALHAYALY. 

ALWATAN ALARABI Co. has contributed in implementation of many projects in Iraq in the field of Its Business (Civil and Construction contracts) and Turnkey Projects. 

What is favoring ALWATAN ALARABI Co for Construction Contracts Ltd. is the complementarity in the disciplines in its business through the existing of the following affiliated companies of Al-Said Economic Group in the field of electromechanical contracting and in general international trading.

1- Al-Said Group Co. for Electro-Mechanical Contracts & Solar Energy Systems


2- Al-Said Group Co. for International General Trade Ltd

During the course of Business activity ALWATAN AL ARABI Co. has implemented many Turn-key projects in Iraq, including but not limited to, the implementation AL YOUSIFIYAH THERMAL POWER PLANT Capacity of 840 MW At AL YOUSIFIYAH City South of Baghdad, with Russian company TechnoPromExport. Whereas ALWATAN AL ARABI Co proved high efficiency performance (Quality & Commitment) during the implementation of the contracted assignments, this led the Russian company TechnoPromExport to award the management of AL YOUSIFIYAH THERMAL POWER PLANT Project on ALWATAN AL ARABI Co. Then after the Russian company left the project and left Iraq hastily because of the security conditions at that time.